Without doubt cleaning with pure water has changed the window cleaning industry immensely. This is window cleaning with advanced pure water technology which produces greater productivity as well as being safer for window cleaners, customers property and above all the general public.

Some benefits for customers include: The ladders free system reaches previously inaccessible windows and windows above sensitive ground areas such as lawns and flower beds, without causing damage and in complete safety. The system eliminates the need for heavy access equipment as the water supply and purification process are contained in the vehicle. Reduced disturbance to the buildings occupants.

All this and more is possible with the Ultra Pro. It provides a service which is the latest development in pure water fed cladding and window cleaning. Now offering a new ladder-less window cleaning system via a water-fed pole system. This gives us greater efficiency and increased productivity in comparison to ladder work when working with larger buildings.

Gutter Cleaning System

Pure Water Cleaning System